Birmingham Property Management

Is it possible to get a Tenant with good credit & income?

To the best of our knowledge, Birmingham Home Leasing advertises and enforces the highest minimum requirements for Lease Application approval in the Birmingham Metro area. Applicants must have at least a 670 FICO credit score and document an income to rent ratio of at least 3.5 to 1. Please check with all of our competitors for their specific information. 

Because of these high standards, Birmingham Home Leasing has not had an eviction since we opened in April of 2014.

Do you really have to pay 10% of the rent each month for management?

Birmingham Home Leasing offers free monthly property management services (as described below). The Tenant Placement Fee or Leasing Fee is the first month’s rent and monthly management is included for free. Monthly management includes:

  • Collecting and transferring the rent
  • Monthly and annual accounting
  • Ordering repairs and maintenance
  • Security Deposit escrow, accounting and return
  • Move-In and Move-Out Condition reports

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Listing Conditions for All Rental Properties

1. All rental properties to be listed must be located in our published service area, which is generally located in the Southeast quadrant of the Birmingham Metro area, South of I-459 and East of I-65.

2. All rental properties must be vacant. All rental property showings are done via self-showing lockboxes. We do not put self-showing lockboxes on occupied properties.

3. All rental properties must be single family detached dwellings with at least 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

4. The property must be appraised by us to rent for at least $1,750 per month. The Broker will not list any property when, in his opinion, the Owner is asking more than current market value for a well qualified Tenant.

5. The Broker makes no implicit or explicit offer to list properties for rent that do not have a master bedroom on the main level. These properties will be evaluated for listing on a case by case basis at a discounted rental rate.

Listing Conditions for Properties that are “Market Ready”

To attract a Tenant with good credit and income, you must present a rental property competitively priced and in excellent condition. The house and the carpets must be professionally cleaned and interior walls must be professionally repaired if they have been damaged. All properties to be listed must be inspected by our Agents to be sure they meet our professional standards for the Free Property Management Offer.

Listing Conditions for Properties that are Not “Market Ready”

If your property is not in market ready condition and only needs minor house and carpet cleaning and minor repair work on the interior walls, then for a fee of 10% of the monthly rent, the Broker will bring your house into market ready condition according to our professional standards. As you are already aware or will quickly learn, many Property Managers charge 10% of the monthly rent for management services. Our management services are free, but for the same 10% you might pay them, we will improve the condition of your home and bring you a well-qualified Tenant.