Property Management in Birmingham AL

Most Competitive Leasing & Management Service Pricing

Birmingham Home Leasing will place a Tenant for a fee of 50% of the first month’s rent and manage that Tenant for as little as $44 per month. To the best of our knowledge, we are currently advertising the lowest pricing for Leasing and Management Service in the Birmingham Metro Area. After having said that, we strongly recommend that you check with each of our competitors for the most up to date information.

Birmingham Home Leasing serves Property Owners of unfurnished, single family detached dwellings (with at least 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms) in our published service area in South Jefferson and North Shelby Counties. All rental properties to be listed must be in good condition and be appraised by us to rent for at least $1,100 per month.

For more details on our Leasing Service and Management Services, please go to our Leasing & Property Management Services page.

No Evictions

Since Birmingham Home Leasing began in 2014, we’ve leased over $100 Million in residential property without an eviction.

We specialize in placing Tenants with high Credit Scores. The Tenants that we placed in 2019 had a FICO Credit Score Average of 760. As a Property Owner, your greatest insurance against late payments and/or property damage is leasing to a Tenant with a good Credit Score.

How We Screen Tenants

We believe that thorough Tenant screening is the best way to avoid evictions. We pull the Applicant’s credit report from all three Credit Bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) and average their scores.

We also check the Applicant’s Driver’s License information with the appropriate issuing State. In addition, we conduct a Criminal Background Investigation on all Applicants.

Identity theft and Synthetic Identity Fraud is unfortunately a common and growing problem. We have methods and procedures for discovering identity theft and fraud and have a published policy on the subject in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Red Flag Rules” guidance.

Please check with each of our competitors about this subject, but to the best of our knowledge, we have the most thorough Tenant screening process in the Birmingham Metro Area.

Average Time to Place a Tenant

In 2019, the average time it took us to place a Tenant was 37 days after showings began and/or from the time the last adjustment was made to the advertising price. (Some Owners initially advertise at what they know is above market value and then adjust down to market value later).

Tenant Placement Service
50%/First Month’s Rent
  • Advertising the Property in Zillow, etc.
  • Processing Lease Applications
  • Processing Leases
  • $0 Renewal Fee
  • Showing Service from Cooperating Agents available at an Additional Charge
Property Management
  • Move-In and Move-Out Condition Reports
  • Collecting rent from the Tenant
  • Transferring rent electronically to the Owner
  • Monthly and annual accounting
  • Annual IRS 1099 Service
  • Accepting repair and maintenance requests from the Tenant, which will be relayed to the Owner. Under this plan, the Owner is responsible for ordering all maintenance and repair service.*
  • Escrowing or holding the Tenant’s Security Deposit and returning it according to Law when they move out

*If you want the Broker to order quotes for repairs and maintenance (up to $1,000) to be approved and order the service to be completed with the cost deducted from the Tenant’s next month’s rent receipt, then the Monthly Management Fee shall be $88 per month.

10% of the rental rate Full Power of Attorney Monthly Management is available upon request. Please contact the Broker for details.