How the Broker will Respond to a Report of a Rently Registration Process Malfunction

Rental Customers do not have a right to call the Listing Broker and demand an access code for any reason, including claiming that there is a problem with the Rently registration process.  If you call the Broker and demand an access code, you will not be given one.

The Broker has a responsibility to the Landlord to take every reasonable effort to secure the property and control self-showing access.  The Broker does not have an affirmative duty to trust or believe any individual claiming that the Rently registration process is not working properly.

If you are having difficulty with the Rently registration process, contact Rently Customer Support.

The Rently registration process is intentionally designed to deny access to any individual presenting a prepaid credit card.  It will also intentionally deny access to an individual refusing to upload a picture of their Driver’s License and upload a selfie.  If the facial recognition feature of the system doesn’t think the photo on the Driver’s License and the selfie is a match, it will also intentionally deny access. 

Since the Broker has been using Rently self-showing service, the system has basically been flawless.  We have received a few complaints from individuals claiming that there was a problem with the system, but when those individuals called Rently Customer Support, the problem was usually resolved.  This means the individual was not following the instructions properly and when the individual was given assistance from Customer Support, the system worked as designed.

During business hours, 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday, if a Customer contacts the office and claims that they have talked to Rently Customer Support and can still not register, and they claim they do not have a prepaid credit card, a declined credit card and/or a problem with the facial recognition software, then they may request a link from the Broker to transfer their TransUnion SmartMove credit and background reports.  In this situation, the Rental Customer would have to pass the TransUnion SmartMove Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Questionnaire.  If the individual cannot pass the KBA Questionnaire, then their credit and background cannot be checked and, in that situation, the Broker will not grant access.

Birmingham Home Leasing and its parent company, Dean & Associates Inc, do not provide legal services.  If you have questions or concerns about your rights and responsibilities as a Rental Customer, please consult with an Attorney.