Explaining How Repairs are Ordered

The average cost of a repair that the Broker orders is less than $400. Most of the repairs that the Broker orders are for a plumber, followed by an electrician, appliance repairmen, etc. Generally speaking, when you order a service call from a licensed and insured professional for the purpose of diagnosing a problem and generating a repair quote, you will pay an average of $100. Since most repair costs are less than $400, the Owner will set a maximum automatic approval limit for the Broker to use when the problem can be immediately repaired. When a quote is more than the Broker’s automatic approval limit, then the Broker will instruct the vendor to write up the quote so the Broker can have the Owner approve the quote later. In this situation, there will be a second service call fee when the vendor returns to the property to make the repair. The automatic approval for the $50 per month plan cannot be less than $400 or more than $799. The higher the Owner sets the automatic approval limit, the less likely there will be the possibility of a second service call fee.

The $50 per month plan is available to Owners requesting management of only one property. This plan is designed for Owners of a single family residence who wish to lease their property until more favorable selling conditions develop. If you have more than one property that needs management, please refer to the 10% of the rent per month plan. The Broker will consider requests to negotiate on the 10% rate on a case by case basis. Until further notice, the Broker is not currently considering requests to provide service to Owners or business entities requesting management for more than 6 properties.

On the $50 per month plan, the Broker will order one quote to be approved by the Broker on behalf of the Owner or by the Owner. In the situation where the Broker’s quote is not approved by either the Broker or the Owner, the Owner will be responsible for obtaining and approving other quotes. On the 10% of the rent per month plan, the Broker will obtain multiple quotes for a repair when time and availability allows.

If you have questions about property management plans, call 205-259-1918 Monday through Friday during business hours and ask to speak to the Broker.