General Information About Lease Application Approval for Single Family Detached Dwellings


BIRMINGHAMHOMELEASING.COM:  Please note that the rental properties displayed on are a “direct feed” from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The MLS Feed includes properties listed by Birmingham Home Leasing and other Cooperating Brokers.  To determine who the Listing Broker is for each property, click on the list view to go to the “property details” page and scroll down to the bottom of the “Property Features” and look for the “Seller’s Representative”.  The “Seller’s Representative is the Listing Broker.  By Law, the Listing Broker must be identified.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  It is the legal responsibility of the Listing Broker to determine whether or not they will publish or require certain specific Minimum Requirements for approving a Lease Application.  Therefore, it is Broker specific and Birmingham Home Leasing (Broker) cannot speak with specificity concerning the requirements of other Brokers.  Most Brokerages publish their requirements online, but many do not.  Please contact each Listing Broker separately for information about their requirements or ask an Agent of Birmingham Home Leasing to obtain this information for you.  To review the Published Minimum Requirements for Birmingham Home Leasing, CLICK HERE.

After having said that, generally speaking, requirements to lease a single family detached dwelling are usually more restrictive than the requirements to lease an apartment or multi-unit rental property.  However, this is not always the case and there are Property Managers in the Birmingham Metro Area who specialize in leasing to Rental Customers with marginal or bad Credit Scores who can clearly document sufficient income and employment.

When specifics for Lease Qualification are not published by a Broker, you could reasonably assume that at least a “Fair” Credit Score and documentation of at least 3 times the rent in gross income might be required for Lease Approval.  It is possible to have a “Fair” Credit Score with active account delinquencies and/or a heavy debt load showing in your Credit Report.  If a Broker does not specify objective criteria concerning delinquencies and debt load, they may be reserving their right to scrutinize this on a case by case basis.

Agents of Birmingham Home Leasing are fully licensed and authorized to assist you with any property displaying on  Please contact us if you have any questions.