Listing & Management Conditions

1. SERVICE AREA: Properties must be located in our service area. Generally speaking, the service area for Birmingham Home Leasing is an approximate 10 mile radius from our office at 4000 Eagle Point Corporate Dr, Suite 240, Birmingham, AL 35242. Municipalities in our service area include, but are not limited to Hoover and Chelsea.

We do have legacy clients that we still serve that are outside the 7 mile radius area and we will continue to serve those clients as long as they desire us to, but at this time we are not accepting clients’ properties located significantly outside of the service area.

Since the majority of rental property showings today are facilitated by self-showing technology, the Broker does not provide Leasing and Management Services in gated communities.

2. SINGLE FAMILY HOME: All properties must be single family detached dwellings with at least 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

3. PROPERTY CONDITION: The property must be a single family detached dwelling in good condition. The property must be clean. The property cannot have any obvious and apparent need for maintenance and/or repairs. The property must be appraised by us to rent for at least $1,750 per month. The approximate sales value of a property that would rent for $1,750 per month in this area is $300,000. The Broker will not list any property when, in his opinion, the Owner is asking more than current market value for a well qualified Tenant.

4. PROPERTIES WITH NO MASTER ON THE MAIN LEVEL: The Broker makes no implicit or explicit offer to list properties for rent that do not have a master bedroom on the main level. These properties will be evaluated for listing on a case by case basis at a discounted rental rate.

Owner’s Use of Annual Home Warranty Policy Strictly Prohibited

In the Broker’s experience, Annual Home Warranty providers and the vendors they select are unreliable.  For this reason, the Broker is not willing to manage a property where the Owner intends to attempt to make repairs and provide maintenance services using their Annual Home Warranty policy.  Under this agreement, the Owner agrees not to use an Annual Home Warranty policy to facilitate repairs and maintenance services.  If the Owner attempts to use an Annual Home Warranty policy to facilitate repairs and maintenance services, it shall be cause for the Broker to terminate this Management Agreement.

Policy Against “Add-On” Property Management Services

Birmingham Home Leasing reserves the right to “screen” Tenants that they lease to and/or manage. Birmingham Home Leasing also reserves the right to conduct a Move In Condition Report for properties that they manage. Therefore, Birmingham Home Leasing will not agree to process a Lease for a Tenant found by the Owner or agree to manage a Tenant placed by another Broker.