Leasing & Property Management Services

Explaining Tenant Placement Service

50% of the First Month’s Rent

Birmingham Home Leasing provides Tenant Placement Service for 50% of the first month’s rent.  Rental Customers will view your property without being escorted by an Agent of Birmingham Home Leasing and will be given access to the property by an electronic lock box.  Showing Service by Cooperating Agents is available for an additional charge.  Please contact an Agent for details.

Fees for Property Management Service

Monthly Property Management Plans begin at a flat fee of $44 per month for Limited Power of Attorney Service. This service provides Move In and Move Out Condition Reports; collecting rent from the Tenant and transferring it electronically to the Owner; monthly and annual accounting, including annual IRS 1099 service; accepting repair and maintenance requests from the Tenant, which will be relayed to the Owner (under this plan, the Owner is responsible for ordering all maintenance and repair service); and escrowing (or holding) the Tenant’s Security Deposit and returning it according to Law when they move out. The Broker will not be responsible for facilitating and/or scheduling services ordered by the Owner from their Annual Home Warranty. The Owner accepts the responsibility to instruct the Annual Home Warranty provider and their assigned Vendor to contact the Tenant directly to make an appointment to provide service.

Birmingham Home Leasing also offers a second Monthly Management Plan for a flat fee of $88 per month, which includes all of the above mentioned services, plus the Broker will order quotes for repairs and maintenance (up to $1,000) to be approved and order the service to be completed, with the cost deducted from the Tenant’s next month’s rent receipt. Houses 31 years and older are excluded from the $88 per month plan.

Full Power of Attorney Property Management is available for 10% of the rental rate per month. Please contact the Broker for details. Houses 31 years and older are excluded from the 10% per month plan.

Policy Against “Add-On” Property Management Services

Birmingham Home Leasing reserves the right to “screen” Tenants that they lease to and/or manage. Birmingham Home Leasing also reserves the right to conduct a Move In Condition Report for properties that they manage. Therefore, Birmingham Home Leasing will not agree to process a Lease for a Tenant found by the Owner or agree to manage a Tenant placed by another Broker.