Leasing & Property Management Services

Two Price Points for Tenant Placement Service

50% of the First Month’s Rent


Birmingham Home Leasing provides Tenant Placement Service for 50% of the first month’s rent via escorted showings only with our Company’s Licensed REALTORS. We will not list your rental property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or offer a reciprocating commission with Cooperating REALTORS for this Tenant Placement Service.


100% of the First Month’s Rent


Birmingham Home Leasing provides Tenant Placement Service for 100% of the first month’s rent via escorted showings with our Company’s Licensed REALTORS and Cooperating REALTORS. We will place the property in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and offer 50% of the first month’s rent to any Cooperating REALTOR that brings the Tenant accepted by the Property Owner. If “time is of the essence”, this is the quickest way to obtain a new Tenant. Please check with other Home Rental Companies, but it is our understanding that we are the only Property Management Company in the Metro Birmingham area that lists rental property to the MLS and offers 50% of the first month’s rent to Cooperating REALTORS.

Fees for Property Management Service


The Monthly Management Fee is determined by the age of the house as follows:

  • $88 per month – 1 to 30 years old
  • $150 per month – 31 to 40 years old
  • $200 per month – 41 to 50 years old

Management Fees for properties 51+ years or older are to be determined by the Broker on a case by case basis.



Policy Against “Add-On” Property Management Services


Birmingham Home Leasing reserves the right to “screen” Tenants that they lease to and/or manage. Birmingham Home Leasing also reserves the right to conduct a Move In Condition Report for properties that they manage. Therefore, Birmingham Home Leasing will not agree to process a Lease for a Tenant found by the Owner or agree to manage a Tenant placed by another Broker.



The Property Owner is Responsible for Preparing the Premises for the Market


For legal and practical reasons, the Broker requires the Tenant to “approve the condition of the premises” before they are presented with a Lease to sign.  Therefore, the Landlord must remove all personal property from the premises and clean the premises before the Broker will list the property.

The following is a list of things that the Landlord’s Agent will inspect for before listing the property for rent:

  • Condition of the carpets – Unless new carpets have just been installed, the carpet must be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning vendor, after the property is vacant.  The carpets must be cleaned using the “hot water extraction” or steam cleaning method.  The Broker will request a receipt for proof that the carpets were cleaned.
  • Remove All Personal Property & Garbage
  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Clean Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers, including underneath sink
  • Clean Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers, including underneath sinks
  • Clean Toilets & Tubs
  • Clean Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops & Sinks
  • Sweep & Mop Hard Surface Flooring
  • Replace Interior Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Replace Exterior Burned Out Light Bulbs
  • Replace HVAC Filters
  • Replace Refrigerator Water Filter
  • Replace Dead Smoke Detector Batteries