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Explaining Tenant Placement Service

50% of the First Month’s Rent

Birmingham Home Leasing provides Tenant Placement Service for 50% of the first month’s rent for Non-MLS Service Rental Listing Agreements. We will not list your rental property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or offer a reciprocating commission to Cooperating REALTORS for this Tenant Placement Service.  Rental Customers will view your property without being escorted by an Agent of Birmingham Home Leasing and will be given access to the property by an electronic lock box.  Before being given remote access to the property, all Rental Customers must consent to have the Broker pull their TransUnion FICO Classic 04 Credit Report and provide a copy of their Driver's License.  MLS Rental Listing Service is available for an additional charge.  Please contact an Agent for details.

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Fees for Property Management Service

The Monthly Management Fee is determined by the age of the house as follows:

Management Fees for properties 51+ years or older are to be determined by the Broker on a case by case basis.

Policy Against “Add-On” Property Management Services

Birmingham Home Leasing reserves the right to “screen” Tenants that they lease to and/or manage. Birmingham Home Leasing also reserves the right to conduct a Move In Condition Report for properties that they manage. Therefore, Birmingham Home Leasing will not agree to process a Lease for a Tenant found by the Owner or agree to manage a Tenant placed by another Broker.

The Property Owner is Responsible for Preparing the Premises for the Market

For legal and practical reasons, the Broker requires the Tenant to “approve the condition of the premises” before they are presented with a Lease to sign.  Therefore, the Landlord must remove all personal property from the premises and clean the premises before the Broker will list the property.

The following is a list of things that the Landlord’s Agent will inspect for before listing the property for rent: