The Broker’s Policy for Rental Customers Demanding an Agent Escorted Showing

In the Listing/Management Agreement between the Broker and the Property Owner, the Broker offers to provide property viewings for Rental Customers through Rently self-showing technology. The Broker does not offer a real estate service to the Property Owner that includes Agent escorted showings. The Broker does not acknowledge an affirmative duty to Rental Customers to obey a request or demand for an Agent escorted showing. The Broker is not an Attorney and the above is not set forth as legal advice. If you have questions or concerns about your rights and responsibilities as a Rental Customer, contact an Attorney.

The Broker is aware that there are certain technical difficulties that can develop where Rently Customer Support will advise you to contact the Broker for alternative viewing options. The Broker provides only one alternative viewing option, but it is only available to Rently Customers and those who have been instructed by Rently to contact the Broker for this purpose. 

If you’re not a registered Rently Customer or you are a Rently Customer who has been “banned” by Rently, then this alternative viewing option is not available to you. If you want to take the alternative viewing option offered by the Broker, then you must give the Broker the precise information in your Rently registration. The Broker will contact Rently to verify that you are registered and you have not been “banned”. 

The requirements to process a request for an alternative Agent escorted showing include but are not limited to:

  • Submitting a form that includes your Rently registration information and requesting that the Broker contact Rently on your behalf to verify that you are registered and not “banned”.
  • Processing a link provided by the Broker to pay a $25 fee and authorize TransUnion to send your credit and background reports to the Broker. If the credit score is not at least 670, the Broker will decline the viewing. The Broker does not have a policy to automatically decline Rental Customers with felony convictions, but the Property Owner will evaluate each Rental Customer on this subject on a case by case basis. If the Broker determines that the identity and credit profile matches a known pattern of synthetic identity, then the Broker will issue a FTC Red Flags Notice.
  • After the Broker receives the TransUnion SmartMove credit and background reports and finds that all of the information is acceptable, then the Rental Customer agrees to request an Agent escorted showing with at least a 25 hour advance notice.

If the Rental Customer agrees to the terms and conditions above and would like to begin the process, then fill out the form below.