How to Schedule a Viewing Appointment


Pre-Application Approval is required to view all properties with an Agent of Birmingham Home Leasing or a Cooperating Agent.  Please note that not all properties displayed on are listed by Birmingham Home Leasing.  Properties that are not listed by Birmingham Home Leasing may not require any Pre-Approval before viewing.

When a property you wish to see is still occupied by the exiting Tenant, Alabama Law requires that a 48 Hour Notice must be given to the Tenants.  You must be Pre-Approved before the Broker will issue the 48 Hour Notice.

After you’ve been Pre-Approved, to schedule an appointment to view a rental property(s), you must call the office at (205) 259-1918 Monday through Friday between 8:30AM and 5:30PM.

We schedule viewing appointments for 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday for vacant properties.  We schedule viewing appointments for occupied properties for 10AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

Agents of Birmingham Home Leasing do not show rental property on the weekends.  All properties that the Broker has listed are in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and available for all REALTORS to show.  If you must see a property on the weekend, please contact a Cooperating Realtor.