Showing Information for Cooperating Agents


Birmingham Home Leasing specializes in leasing and managing single family detached dwellings.  We publish our Minimum Requirements for Lease Approval.  Our Agents will only show our listings to Rental Customers who read and acknowledge the Published Minimum Requirements for Lease Approval.

Be aware that some Rental Customers may read our Published Minimum Requirements for Lease Approval and assume that they may be able to circumvent those requirements by using a Cooperating REALTOR.  Many Rental Customers mistakenly assume that the Broker of any Showing Agent they choose can qualify them for a Lease listed by us.  It is the sole legal duty of the Listing Broker to qualify Tenants for the Lease.

Beware of Rental Customers attempting to take a rental property off the market now for a July 1st occupancy.  We will not permit the execution of a Lease more than 35 days before the Lease Start Date.

Beware of Rental Customers attempting to use you to execute a “sight unseen” Lease by asking you to “Skype” a property for them.  Reviewing pictures online or video conferencing does not qualify as the Rental Customer personally viewing the property according to the Broker’s published policy.

Beware of Rental Customers attempting to execute an “unenforceable” Corporate Lease.  Foreign Nationals without a U.S. Credit File and/or a Qualifying U.S. Credit Score cannot personally sign a Lease in their own name.  Nor can a Foreign National sign a Lease where the Corporation is listed as “Tenant” unless they are authorized by the Corporation (in the Corporation’s By Laws or by direct action of the Board of Directors) to sign for the Corporation and legally bind the Corporation in contracts.

We recommend that you make your Customer aware that this is a Landlord’s Market.  Generally speaking, advertised Lease rates are specified by the Owner with the understanding that there will be little or no negotiations.

Hopefully you have received a request from a Rental Customer who is qualified on Credit and Income and just prefers to have their own Agent representing their interests.  We are here to assist you any way that we can.  Almost all of our Rental Listings can be found in the GALMLS with a split commission.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Property Manager currently offering that.  We respect other Agents and rely greatly on their assistance to quickly find a well-qualified Tenant for our Clients.


Larry Dean
Birmingham Home Leasing