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During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Broker’s Agents are not conducting escorted rental property showings. The Rental Customer can complete and submit a Pre-Qualification Form for the purpose of obtaining self-showing access.  The Pre-Qualification process costs $1.00 and  requires the Rental Customer to submit their TransUnion FICO Classic 04 Credit Report.   These forms are not processed after 5:30pm Monday through Friday or on the weekends.  Rental Customers who would prefer not to complete the Pre-Qualification Form and/or Customers who need to see a property on the weekends should contact a Cooperating Realtor (see below).

Pre-Qualification Form


Some Brokerages are allowing their Agents to conduct escorted property showings.  Most of the Broker’s Rental Listings are listed in the Rental Section of the Greater Alabama Multiple Listing Service (GALMLS) and any Cooperating Realtor can schedule an appointment for you to view those properties.  If the property description begins with “Contact a Cooperating Agent or the Broker for a property viewing”, then the property is available to be shown by Cooperating Realtors.


The Broker allows Rental Customers to pre-apply or apply for rental properties before viewing the property and/or agreeing to all terms and conditions, but the Broker strongly recommends that Rental Customers do not do this. Even if an Application is approved, the Broker will not “hold” the property while the two parties negotiate and/or present a Lease for the two parties to sign before the Rental Customer(s) personally views the property and approves its condition and two parties agree on all important terms and conditions. With this understanding, if you still wish to apply before viewing the property, you may begin the process by using the link below:

Pre-Lease Application Form