Viewing Appointments

Rental Property Viewing is Provided via Self Showing Access Technology

The Broker relies on Rently Self Showing technology to allow Rental Customers the ability to view properties at their convenience 7 days a week. Generally speaking, the Broker no longer provides Agent escorted showings. There is one exception to this rule (see below).

Rental Customers are required to “register” with Rently, but are not required to be “pre-qualified” on credit and income before being granted access to self-tour a property(s).

Rental Customers experiencing difficulties with the registration process can call Rently Customer Service or watch a YouTube video with helpful instructions by clicking here.

Exception to the No Agent Escorted Showing Rule

For Rental Customers who refuse to register with Rently and demand an access code for entry or demand an Agent escorted viewing, the Broker does not acknowledge any duty or responsibility to accommodate such a request. However, if an individual claims a hardship with the Rently registration process, then the Broker can provide an alternative process, upon request. In this situation, if the Rental Customer qualifies, they would have to schedule an appointment with the Broker for an Agent escorted viewing with at least a 25 hour advanced notice.

Individuals Do Not have the Broker’s Permission to View a Rental Property on Behalf of Another Person

The Broker’s properties are not listed in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and therefore are not available for Realtors to view on behalf of another person or to represent and show the property to another person.

No one has the Broker’s permission to view the Broker’s properties for the purpose of co-signing for another individual to occupy the premises. 

No one has the Broker’s permission to view the Broker’s properties on behalf of another person who will occupy the premises. All signing tenants must personally view the property and approve its condition before the Broker will present a Lease for the two parties to sign. The Broker does not execute sight unseen Leases. Seeing this property for a friend or relative is not permitted.

No one has the Broker’s permission to view the Broker’s properties with the intent of subleasing the property.