We Do Not Show Rentals Listed by Other Companies

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, most rental companies in our area were already using self-showing lock box technology to allow rental customers to view properties at their convenience. When escorted agent showings became prohibited during the pandemic, we converted to the self-showing model by necessity. Today, the majority of rental properties are available to be viewed via self-showing technology. Birmingham Home Leasing uses Rently to provide self-showing access. For this reason, we no longer have Agents available to show our own listings and in many cases, the listings of other rental companies are not available for reciprocal agreements (such as a MLS listing) which would provide the legal permission for cooperating Agents to show those properties. Therefore, it is the Broker’s policy not to show the rental listings of other companies.

The Broker is not an Attorney and the information above is not set forth as legal advice. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a rental customer, please consult with an Attorney.